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Oxygen Isotope Perturbation and Its Effects on Temperature and Essay

Oxygen Isotope Perturbation and Its Effects on Temperature and Salinity in the Bay of Bengal - Essay Example Oxygen isotope proportion is a climatic intermediary, an ecological variable, and it helps climatologists, including paleoclimatologists, to decide certain significant climatic parameters, both existing and past, from it. (UNST 232a Mentor Section Assignment 5) Another marvel the isotopes are associated with is that oxygen collects in the calcium carbonate (CaC) of the shells of marine creatures called foraminifera - Forams. The isotope proportion in the shells relies upon the temperature and existing isotope proportion of the water in which the creatures live or lived. Over timeframes these creatures kick the bucket and their shells plunge to the base of the ocean and structure layers that current analysts with significant information from which past temperature and isotope proportions can be resolved. (UNST 232a Mentor Section Assignment 5) The isotope proportion in any particular stretch of water changes after some time. Water particles comprised of the lighter isotope vanish effectively leaving water atoms with the heavier one back in the seawater. At the point when the vanished water accelerates once again into the ocean there is little change in the proportion yet when the water fume hastens ashore the lighter isotope is moved to land from where it might return to the ocean through streams and different conduits or it might stay caught for a large number of years as ice on the off chance that it is encouraged as snow on places like the polar icecaps and high peaks. (UNST 232a Mentor Section Assignment 5) During typical occasions the isotope proportion in ocean and sea water is genuinely steady yet during chilly periods when the icecaps advance past ordinary confines the isotope proportion moves for clear reasons. This is from a relative perspective to typical occasions. (Oceanography 540, 2002) The isotope proportion is communicated as delta (lower case) with the isotope substance communicated in parts per thousand (per mille) as the accompanying condition illustrates. = -/x 1000 Higher pessimism in demonstrates more noteworthy consumption. (UNST 232a Mentor Section Assignment 5) The standard for this situation is of 'Standard Mean Ocean Water' or 'SMOW'. (Oceanography 540, 2002) 3. The 'Foram' Fractionation Factor The foraminifera species being researched in this report is the planktonic

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States considering laws to prevent obesity in America

States thinking about laws to forestall heftiness in America Heftiness... overweight... fat. No inquiries, its one of this countries most noticeably terrible and most expensive medical issues. Be that as it may, can government, in its best we know whats best for you convention, really ban heftiness in America? As indicated by an ongoing Washington Post article, assemblies in any event 25 states are at present discussing in excess of 140 bills planned for checking corpulence. New state laws presently viable would limit the offer of pop and candy in government funded schools, require inexpensive food chains to post fat and sugar content legitimately on all menu sheets, and even endeavor to burden the fat away. As per the Post, six bills proposed by New York State Assemblyman Felix Ortiz (D) would slap heavy charges on greasy nourishments, yet additionally current symbols of stationary living film tickets, computer games and DVD rentals. Ortiz gauges his expense laws would pull in over $50 million per year, which New York could use to finance open exercise and nourishment programs. We have concentrated on smoking; presently it is about time we battle stoutness, Ortiz told the Post. More than 44 million Americans are currently viewed as fat, with a related increment in instances of genuine and exorbitant illnesses, including diabetes, coronary illness and kidney disappointment. As expenses to wellbeing plans of stoutness driven diseases take off, the accomplishment of hostile to smoking enactment went during the 1990s and the safety belt laws of the 1970s have administrators figuring comparative laws could help power Americans to drive away from the table. Clearly, thoughtful libertarians and buyer rights bunches don't care for enacting eating conduct. Its an individual duty issue, states Richard Berman, official chief of the Center for Consumer Freedom in the Post article. On the off chance that Im going to abbreviate my own life by eating excessively or being excessively stationary, that may not be vastly different than shortening my life by riding a bike without a protective cap on. Then again, Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy G. Thompson refers to the $117 billion spent yearly on stoutness related social insurance when he states, If were truly keen on holding down clinical expenses and improving the wellbeing of residents, we need to take care of heftiness. Some protection industry authorities have proposed charging hefty people higher premiums. HHS Secretary Thompson, in any case, advised that doing so could cross paths with government hostile to segregation laws. The most possibly argumentative fat-battling recommendation referenced in the Post story originated from Eric Topol, head of cardiology at the Cleveland Clinic. Topols proposal would offer a government annual duty credit to thin individuals, while the individuals demolishing our human services financial matters [the obese] would make good on the standard expense. Individuals who can be trained and get in shape ought to be compensated, said Topol.

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One of the most constantly asked questions about The Merchant of Venice is Is it anti Semitic Essay Example

One of the most continually posed inquiries about The Merchant of Venice Is it hostile to Semitic Paper It is very clear when perusing The Merchant of Venice that there is a huge spotlight on Shylock being a Jew. This is unmistakable in his I am a Jew discourse he, the Jewish moneylender, irate and sold out, rails against the non-Jewish world which torments him. Antonio hath disfavored me, and prevented me a large portion of a million, snickered at my misfortunes, ridiculed at my benefits, hated my country, impeded my deals, cooled my companions, warmed mine adversaries and whats his explanation? I am a Jew, he shouts. At that point comes the well known discourse. Hath not a Jew eyes? Hath not a Jew hands, organs, measurements, detects, expressions of love, interests. Anyway from this by itself we can't choose if Shakespeares play is hostile to Semitic. In Shakespeares day, hostile to Semitism was extremely popular in England. In spite of the way that Jews had been kicked out of the nation 300 years already by the Edict of York, scorn for them stayed amazing. Ten ages of Englishmen had never observed or conversed with a Jew, however that didnt prevent them from speculation Jews were shrewd, smelt horrible, submitted custom homicide and had different lewd attributes. Elizabethans didnt wash. Sovereign Elizabeth herself was viewed as somewhat idiosyncratic for demanding that she washed up once per year. Be that as it may, it was a verifiable truth that Jews washed Jewish ladies once per month in the custom mikve, and Jewish men not long before the Sabbath. Some way or another the overall population realized that the submersions in water were identified with the month to month cycle so they immovably accepted that Jewish men discharged as well and consistently! It was in this atmosphere that Shakespeare composed his plays. We will compose a custom exposition test on One of the most continually posed inquiries about The Merchant of Venice Is it against Semitic explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom article test on One of the most continually posed inquiries about The Merchant of Venice Is it hostile to Semitic explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom exposition test on One of the most continually posed inquiries about The Merchant of Venice Is it hostile to Semitic explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer Pandering to the flavor of his crowd, he stuck in numerous lines that might be viewed as hostile to Semitic. In the event that I don't adore her I am a Jew, announces Benedick about Beatrice; implying that on the off chance that he doesn't cherish her he is a reprobate. In Macbeth, the witches articulate Liver of swearing Jew as they pop another disgusting fixing into their cauldron. Hirelings welcome each other for drinks, expressing that one who declines the offer is a Jew. Portia, in her energetic discourse about kindness: The nature of benevolence isn't stressed,/It droppeth as the delicate downpour from paradise changes her tune when it is her chance to be lenient. One moment, Jew. to Shylock, as she steadily expands his discipline. This is a solid case of why possibly Shylock is how he is: The villainy you encourage me I will execute, and it will go hard yet I will better the guidance. I would contend, notwithstanding the counter Semitic substance of a portion of the scenes in this play, the play isn't exclusively hostile to Semitic or that Shakespeare is so. From the start it might create the impression that Shakespeare is just structure the play up to show a quarrelsome Jew who gets his comeuppance, anyway Antonio, the shipper of Venice, is demonstrated to be a pitiless man who curses Jews and spits upon their jackets. At the point when he is compelled to approach Shylock for a credit, in addition to the fact that he refuses to apologize for this conduct, yet additionally he really says, I resemble to call thee so once more, to spit on thee once more, to reject thee as well. He needs the cash as a foe not as a companion. Shylock is appeared to have an explanation behind his resentment and his obstinate interest to get his pound of substance. Aside from Antonios obnoxiousness, there is the matter of Rebecca, Shylocks girl, who has escaped with her dads cash and gems so as to wed a Christian. Shylock has a rationale in despising Christians and their twofold guidelines. Thusly the play really shows the two sides of the coin, that Christians can possibly be awful similarly just as Jews. Jessica being Shylocks little girl is clearly Jewish however it is intriguing to see the glaring difference is mistreatment that they get. Her character is more a culprit of segregation instead of a casualty of it. In the event that anything, Jessicas conduct towards her dad fortifies the counter Semitism that is in the play. When Gratiano says that Jessica is a delicate and no Jew he says so in light of the fact that Jessica has carried on like a decent Christian by taking from the wicked Shylock. Also, Jessica says: When I was with him I have heard him pledge to Tubal and to Chus, his kinsmen, that he would prefer to have Antonios substance than multiple times the estimation of the aggregate that he owed him. Here we see Jessicas own words supporting the generalization that Jews are improper. She depicts Shylocks house as hellfire unequivocally associating Shylock to the fallen angel himself. What's more, Shakespeares contemporary crowds were likely left with the feeling that Jessicas burglary of Shylocks reserves is merited that the Jew is at long last getting what he merits. Shylock is a casualty, whose brain is obfuscated with distress and dissatisfaction at the Christians constant mistreatment of him, and their robbery of his lone girl. In any case, since he is overwhelmed with this red fog, he loses himself in his disdain, and it appears to everybody that he has gone excessively far. Up to that point the main Christian to address Shylock legitimately by his name was Portia, yet after he passes the final turning point, she returns to calling him Jew like the others. The way that he passes this point shows that he has some scoundrel in him, however close to Portia. Ironicly Portia condemns Shylock, and censures him for not indicating Antonio kindness, yet she acts with a similar absence of leniency towards Bassanio viewing the ring as Shylock did to Antonio. Taking everything into account, Shylock shows a portion of the attributes of a scoundrel, yet these are just results of his exploitation; Shylock is a casualty of oneself consumed, supremacist network that Venice had become. His displeasure and disappointment that lead to him making misguided decisions are results of persevering through the torment of this condition. An Elizabethan crowd would most likely harbor a little compassion toward Shylock on account of the manner in which the Christians mistreat him yet anyway hard Shakespeare has attempted to try and out the playing field concerning the depiction of Jews in a terrible light, the crowd would of presumably left the auditorium with their enemy of Semitism flawless or excited. Review the play through present day eyes, Shylock can be viewed as both an Elizabethan generalization yet additionally a person. Incidentally, it is exactly a direct result of the cliché components in Shylocks character that numerous individuals contend against The Merchant of Venice, seeing it as an enemy of Semitic work, which is a reasonable response in a post-Holocaust time. Shakespeare, anyway once in a while makes a one-dimensional miscreant, however an unpredictable character who as a rule has numerous exercises to show the crowd.

Physics Lab Report Specific Heat Sample

Material science Lab Report: Specific Heat Paper Q-starved Abstract: In this investigation we are attempting to decide the particular warmth of a greenish blue. We will deflected nine the particular warmth from a blend. We will bring a few objects of various temperature together. Warm harmony strategy would use for this trial. The warmth lost by the hot Object Will be picked up by the virus Object. The framework we would be consider for this investigation is protected. In this test we will placing the hot metal in a calorimeter of cold water. Space Gained Gametal=Sweater+Calorimeter cup and stirrer Where, Et is the harmony moved, mm, CM, Tm are the mass, explicit warmth and starting temperature of the metal * mm, prompt, Two are the mass, explicit warmth and beginning temperature of the water * ms;s, c+s are the mass and explicit warmth of the calorimeter cup and the stirrer. (reference-I) Equipment: The gear would be use for this test I. An aluminum calorimeter (reference 2) 2. A Celsius thermometer (reference 3) 3. Container and stand(reference 4) 4. Twine 5. Warmth plate (reference S) 6. Research facility balance (reference 6) 7. Two sorts of metal Because of my ailment I was unable to go to on this lab analyze. That is the motivation behind why don't have the conversation and the outcome for this test. We will compose a custom paper test on Physics Lab Report: Specific Heat explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom paper test on Physics Lab Report: Specific Heat explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom paper test on Physics Lab Report: Specific Heat explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer

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Betting on the Future Coursework - 1100 Words

Betting on the Future (Coursework Sample) Content: Insert NameInstructorCourseDateBetting on the FutureBetting for the future is important in securing a better life. Prudent investment in stocks can be a significant source of benefits (Chan, Chia-Ying, et al. 162). The value foe cash is determined on how careful one invests his or her cash today. According to Lyons and Savage (21), investing in stock implies that one owns part of the company and benefits that are in terms of dividends. Despite earning of the dividends at the designated periods, one contains to be part of the company as long as there is ownership of shares. There are seven major steps that should govern a new participant to invest in a stock market with less risk. It is essential to understand the investments and differentiates the benefits that are related to the bonds and stocks before deciding on which to invest. It is significantly vital to study the history of the company in which to invest to learn more about its financial performance. Secondly, it is advisable to diversify your portfolio to avoid running at a risk of losing your investment. However, investing in high-risk stocks can fetch higher returns or result in worse loss. As a first timer in stock investment, it will be advisable to diversify your portfolio to reduce the risk of loss. Thirdly, a newcomer in the stock trading should not aim at beating the market, but rather participate in it. It implies that it is significant to learn and participate in the stock market before you start reaping the benefits (Chan, Chia-Ying, et al. 168).A good example of a company that is profitable to invest in stocks is the Vodafone Company. Vodafone has had a fair history in its stock exchange for the past decade. The company is a multinational telecommunications provider whose headquarters is in London. It was founded in 1991 and over the years it has recorded a good financial performance. For instance, in the year 2014 the companyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s total net profit was  £59.42 b illion which was an increase be 2.5% compared to the previous year (Howell 40). The company as well has a total equity amounting to  £70.80 billion. The companyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s current stock price is  £36.91 per share, which is an increase by almost 2% compared to the previous year. Therefore, Vodafone is a good investment decision because the company has a good history in the increase of the price of its stock. Based on history, there is a constant increase in the share dividends at Vodafone. Figure 1 provides a summary of the Vodafone (VOD) increase in dividend payments 2010, 2011. 2012, 2013 and 2014 (Nargis et al. 40).Figure 1: VOD Dividend PayoutAnnual Dividends (End Year)  2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Dividend Amt 2.41 3.82 2.80 3.02 6.73 Year-end Yields % 7.31 10.90 8.91 6.15 19.69 Source: Radebe (41)Vodafone's share price is expected to increase by 2.6%, 2.9%, 3% and 3.8% for next four years respectively (Radebe 50). This implies that the company is a hot spot for stock investments. However, it will be advisable for the new stock investor to take time and learn the market before seriously engaging the finances in the stock investment.For instance, the $5,000 will be divided into shares worth 1,000 to diversify the risk of incurring losses (Reddy 840). By investing in the Vodafone stock, Josie Santos will gain some benefits. The first benefit is the investment gain. Jose will have an opportunity to grow his invested amount of money. Since Vodafone is a stable company experiencing growth every day, there is a likelihood of growing his money. Secondly, investment is stock will earn divided income. To purchase one share of Vodafone will cost less than  £30.05 but it will be sold at  £36.91 or more. Based on the companyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s share price projected growth, in less than five years the share price will have grown by more than 3.0% (Reddy 840). Regardless of the loss of value of stock in the market, the shareholder will earn di vidends providing an opportunity of growing money. Thirdly, diversification in stock investment will help in risk reduction and improve chances of gaining. By investing in various stocks within the Vodafone, Jose will reduce the risk of incurring losses. The fourth significance of investing in Vodafone shares is that Jose will have an opportunity to be part of the shareholders of the company. It implies that he will be one of the owners of the company (Arsov 56).However, despite the many benefits associated with the investment in stocks, there are few risks that one has to consider. For instance, the shareholders are the last to be paid in case the company liquidates. The other demerit of investing in the stock market is that it is h...

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How to Create an Initial List of Medical School Applications

4 Essential Things to Consider Somehow, it is May again. In Boston, this means more sun, Swan Boats, and my personal favorite: the turning on of the water fountains along all of the Charles River running routes. To those of you interested in medical school, it also brings the time to work on your primary applications and initial school list. For more information about how to prepare your primary applications, check out my blog post about June in the medical school application cycle. At this point, though, you’re likely somewhat familiar with the process of obtaining recommendations, writing personal statements, and filling out information about your extracurricular is pretty similar to the college application process. A more daunting prospect, for some applying students, is the creation of their initial school list. In this post, I’ll discuss some things to consider when you’re narrowing down your school selection. There are two irreplaceable resources to use when you are making these decisions. The first is your college’s pre-med adviser, or another mentor experienced with the application process, and the second is the Medical School Admissions Requirements (MSAR) guide put out by the AAMC. This tool allows you to quickly search medical schools by location, admissions statistics, class sizes, community, and more. It will really help you evaluate your list based on several of the criteria below. 4 Essential Things to Consider 1. Your competitiveness Probably the most important factor to consider in this decision is your competitiveness as an applicant. During the application process, if you don’t have one already, it is really valuable to have a mentor or adviser who can guide you through the details and provide you with some sense of where you stand. Your GPA, MCAT score, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities and leadership experience, and research are all important parts of your application, and everyone’s combination will be different. However, if you have a lower GPA or MCAT score, or decided late in your career to go into medicine and haven’t had a great opportunity to show your interest, you may (or may not!) have some aspects of your application that can hold you back. If this is the case, your application list should be a little longer, and include some less competitive schools. 2. Geography Believe it or not, this is a really important factor in your decision to go to a medical school. The area in which you are living and practicing makes a big difference during your time at school, and you have to make sure that the facilities and activities exist to support you both inside and outside your time in the classroom. Some people can’t imagine their lives outside a big city, and some people would rather be walking distance from local hiking trails. If you have a family, children, or a significant other with geographic restrictions, it is even more important to be honest with yourself about where you are willing to go to school. Four years is a long time, and being in the right location can make or break your experience. Spending hundreds of dollars to fly and stay in an area where you are positive you don’t want to spend four years is a waste of your money and time. 3. Finances Everyone knows that medical school is expensive, but not everyone is told about the cost of applications. This year, the initial AMCAS fee is 160$, which only covers the application for one medical school. EACH additional medical school application costs 39$! If you’re applying to 20 schools, that comes out to just under $1000, and that’s BEFORE flights and hotels for interviews! There is some financial assistance for those with demonstrated need, but for many students, those costs can be prohibitive. If you know that you can’t afford to apply to dozens of schools, make sure that your list contains a large number of schools to which your statistics and application profile match. 4. Must-have educational components Your initial application is not the time to decide whether you would prefer a medical school with a big dorm or private apartments, an iPad based curriculum, or clinical exposure in the first month of school. However, if there are parts of your education in medicine that are non-negotiable for you, be sure to do your research and only apply to schools that offer the resources you are looking for. For example, if you are CERTAIN that you are going to do an MBA or an MPH during school, make sure the schools you apply to have those programs available, or have had students do them in the past. If you have a research field in which you have lots of experience, and know that you want to continue that work in medical school, make sure the school has a relevant department or local contacts that can help you out. In general, it is rare to have to exclude medical schools because of lack of resources, but if you are looking for very specific requirements, make sure they are addressed. The biggest question is often â€Å"How many schools should I apply to?† Usually, your adviser can help you answer this personally. In 2011, the average number of schools applied to was 14. As medical schools have become increasingly more competitive, that number has likely increased in the past couple of years. Between 15 and 20 is a good bet, but again, consider your competitiveness and the â€Å"balance† of your school list (reach, match safety) can better guide you. This is the first of many steps in the application cycle, and even more steps in the process of actually becoming a doctor. Good luck as you move forward with this application season! For more guidance with your medical school application and initial school list, reach out to Cambridge Coaching for a session with a tutor! Are you interested in connecting with one of our MD coaches? ; With all of the questions that crop up around MD admissions season, you'll need as much input as you can get! Check out some related blogs posts below: Medical School Interviews: One-on-ones, Panels, MMIs MD Admissions Timeline: Secondary Applications! 4 Medical School Secondary Application Question Types and How To Plan Your Answers

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Democracy in Latin America Essay - 2761 Words

Now days democracy has been establish in every Latin America country except Cuba, which is still a socialist state. It seemed that every other alternative form of government such as Marxism or Leninism has failed and been replaced by democracy. Furthermore it looks like people in Latin American really enjoy democracy and its’ benefits, as they also consider it to be the best form of government. After the failure of authoritarian leaders and the military intervene their lives, Latin American citizens wanted to change their system into a more fair and honest system, democracy. Democracy is usually defined as a system of honesty, equality, freedom of rights, though for Latin America countries it means gains, welfare and patronage. Latin†¦show more content†¦Also democracy provides political rights, civil liberties and freedom of press, freedom of association and freedom to oppose to their governments without being afraid of the consequences. Each nation has a unique dem ocratic way of controlling things and under a democratic system people in Latin America could be govern by the government that they choose to and not the military authority or dictatorship. In order to form democracy in Latin American there had to be revolution against authority and the violence that imposed to their citizens. (Isbester K., 2011) O’Donelli defines democracy as ‘patterns, formal and informal and explicit or implicit, that determine the channels of access to principal government positions; the characteristics of the actors who are admitted and excluded ... and the resources and strategies that they are allowed to use for gaining access’ Also Latin American democracy offer to people human rights and economic modernization, but this did not work for Latin America. Instead of having a stable and developing democratic system in Latin America countries, there was poverty corruption and underdevelopment still remains into those countries. Although in countries such as Chile, Costa Rica and Uruguay democracy have stable and well function democratic system. In differ from other countries in Latin America where there is instability and in some cases there is unconstitutional changes of government and needed to have coups inShow MoreRelatedEssay on Is Democracy Sustainable in Latin America?1274 Words   |  6 PagesIs Democracy Sustainable in Latin America? In order to determine if democracy is sustainable in Latin America, it is important to understand or at least have an idea of what democracy is. There are several types of democracy and each is different. According to the English dictionary, democracy is â€Å" a government by the people; especially: rule of the majority by a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by themRead MoreUsing one case in Latin America, illustrate what the biggest obstacle to democracy is.1000 Words   |  4 PagesUsing one case in Latin America, illustrate what the biggest obstacle to democracy is. A history of militarism and colonialism are the biggest obstacle to democracy in South America. Using the case of Argentina, this paper will be discussing how its famous history of militarism and consequent military rule has undermined the concept of a democracy. I will then go into detail about the certain aspects of military rule, ( ‘The Dirty War’, gross economic mismanagement and patron client relationships)Read MoreGovernment Corruption Of Latin America1371 Words   |  6 Pagesarticle â€Å"Latin America faces year of change†, Latin America suffers from social violence, kidnapping, drug trafficking, child pornography, lack of women’s rights, and little accountability over the region’s law makers and authorities which can lead to government corruption (para. 12). Government corruption can be defined as political power used by government leaders for private gain and to maintain their power as a government official. Most of the times these corrup t politicians in Latin America say theyRead MoreSandion, Nicaragua Conflict1100 Words   |  4 PagesIt is very important to analyze the evolution that has taken Latin America because many countries have made lobbying and plan strategies that have served to encourage better structure and have significant growth in this area, though often stagnate countries and are limited in their development. This will be to analyze the case of Nicaragua, where Sandino was a critical piece representing a key to liberation and democracy in their country, in addition to being a hero to the entire population. Read MoreStruggles and Setbacks of Developing Democracies in Latin American Countries 1477 Words   |  6 PagesThe concept of patrimonialism in Latin American countries is a subject that has been studied and researched by some of the world’s most renowned sociologists and political scientists. In this literature review I will use the information gathered from several of these researchers and combine their theories and ideologies in an attempt to understand why many Latin American countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, and Bolivia have continued to remain oppressed throughout history and stand onRead More Training Ground For Murderers Essay1749 Words   |  7 PagesTraining Ground For Murderers Continued U.S. support for the School of the Americas, an institution that has trained dictators and political assassins, is completely unjustifiable. At seven o’ clock in the morning on December 11, 1981 an evil force entered the small El Salvadorian village of El Mezote (School of Assasins). With painted faces and army fatigues, the guerillas carried machine guns and automatic rifles into the peaceful village. As survivor Rufina Amaya recounts, â€Å"At ten o’clockRead MoreAnnotated Bibliography : Types Of Leftist Governments1442 Words   |  6 PagesSteven Venegas July 23, 2016 Annotated Bibliography Question: What preexisting or absent institutions have led Latin American nations to see a divergence in the types of leftist governments in power? Group 1: Party Systems and Political Institutions French, John. 2010. â€Å"Many Lefts, One Path? Chavez and Lula.† In Latin America’s Left Turns: Politics, Policies, and Trajectories of Change. Eds. Maxwell A. Cameron Eric Hershberg. Boulder, Colorado: Lynne Rienner Publishers, Inc. 41-60. FrenchRead MoreThe State Of Democracy Around The World1721 Words   |  7 Pagesworlds democratic state. This report will investigate and analyse the state of democracy around the various countries of the world and elaborate on the chosen countries democratic crisis and state of governance. Originating from the Greek terms demos, meaning ‘people’ and kratos, meaning ‘rule,’ democracy essentially means to ‘rule by the people’ (Hague and Harrop, 2013, p. 43). One could argue however, that democracy is considerably more than just a form of governance. For any nation to be consideredRead MoreImperialism DBQ Essay examples636 Words   |  3 Pagesconcerns suppressed just enough to let foreign issues take the spotlight. The Industrial Revolution brought mass production, which forced the United States to seek a new global market for trade. America also became increasingly concerned with intervening in Latin American affairs and spreading democracy to less powerful nations. Due to the aforementioned factors, imperialism played a pivotal role in shaping American foreign policy during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Mass production inRead MoreThe United States uses a presidential system of government and is a stable democracy; therefore, it is advisable for new democracies to also choose pr1628 Words   |  7 PagesUnited States uses a presidential system of government and is a stable democracy; therefore, it is advisable for new democracies to also choose presidential systems of government. Discuss The United States is arguably the most powerful and prosperous nation in the world and has had a successful stable democracy under presidential government for over 200 years. So surely therefore new democracies in the modern day should adopt the presidential system of government used